Final Draft Review by

PROS / Nearly everyone in the film industry uses Final Draft, and its document format is compatible with nearly all production software, which makes for an easy transition when it comes time to begin filming.

CONS / Even with this newest version, the interface feels antiquated.

VERDICT / When everyone in an industry uses the same software, it’s usually for a reason. In Final Draft’s case, the reason is that it provides the tools and features necessary to not only produce a stellar screenplay, but also to produce an excellent movie, which is the whole point of screenwriting software.

In the world of screenwriting software, there’s Final Draft, and then there’s everything else. This is not because Final Draft is dramatically better than the rest of the best screenwriting software, but because it is ubiquitous. It’s the one constant across the entire movie-making world. Any writer, producer, director, agent or other professional who deals with screenplays is intimately familiar with both the Final Draft software and the files it creates. This is what “industry standard” means.

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